With this Autumn/Winter 2019-20, SPAIN, Cap.I collection, we seek to symbolise a unique and singular idea of Spain today, founded on the diversity and talent that make up the wonderful country that dresses us today, in the 21st century, always with one eye on the past and the other on the future, as I like to say about my brand, Duyos.
I look at a modern Spain, removed from clichés but firmly set on its cultural and historical pillars, which support and inspire us.
Also our landscapes, so varied and opposed, mark our character and way of life. Or our incredible gastronomy, with that indelible historical and geographical footprint that breaks down borders. And the ingenuity and talent present in so many citizens of today, and the art that Spain has expressed for centuries, that is breathed in every corner. Fascinating too, our handicrafts reflected in everyday life and regional costumes surviving the passage of time, with their inevitable, respectful evocation. And the readily identifiable smells that transcend landscapes and cities, like the light in each location… accurate sensations, burned into the collective memory of the Spanish people. Our feeling.
We pause in each of the inspiring corners of our country. Thanks to the Paradors, we sleep, eat, and enjoy each stay and every place.


Blanca Zurita
(+34) 915 320 728