La Condesa


La Condesa presents its autumn/winter collection-2019/2020 inspired in its name by the figure of Ada Lovelace, considered the first computer programmer in history. Being the only legitimate daughter of the poet Lord Byron, her mathematical algorithms were the inspiration for jacquard knitting machines, which is why this will be one of the main fabrics in the collection, along with tulle, vinyls and neoprenes.
Ada Augusta Byron was also Countess of Lovelace, a link between the firm run by Marina Conde, who is also an engineer, and our inspiration. This collection evokes empowered women by reinterpreting classic Victorian volumes, skirts and tulle dresses mixed with tailored neoprene. “Ada” embodies technique, but also poetry, Victorian Romanticism with new Post-modernist forms. Among the most surprising elements are the new designs such as the union of a jacket and a tulle dress, unique prints created through digital printing combined with screen printing or floral prints inspired by wallpapers with floral motifs from the Victorian era.
The collection also stands out for the prominence of the logo, a rising trend, printing the La Condesa icons in new ways for the brand as layers and knitwear. Colours such as forest green, acid yellow, purple or sepia will dress the collection.



Elena Alba Fernández
(+34) 667 649 680