Miguel Marinero

In today’s saturated world, Miguel Marinero explores an era with a slower pace and designs that celebrate artisanal and long-lasting traditions. In Archives, the focus shifts to timeless, asexual garments, without dividing lines returning to the early years of the firm in the 70’s.

Checks in wool and tweed with lurex are mixed with exaggerated volumes in rigid organza stripes and materials rich in metallic embroidery, marking the shoulders, waist and flared silhouettes.

The colours are a reflection of the fun and the dances lasting long into the night, along with metallic, developed, light velvets with animal prints in red and anthracite grey. Pyjamas in silver silk velvet is the most sophisticated night.

The black imitation leather represents a rebellious twist, mixed with embroidered tulle in romantic white shirts, bringing lightness to sensual silhouettes.

The tailoring, a hallmark of the firm, is transformed by silhouettes borrowed from men’s clothes and overlays in classic materials such as traditional checks and stripes. Nostalgia for the decade brings back a flared line in different lengths and materials, playing with the vintage spirit and with individual tailored pieces easily combined with each other.

The accessories, as creative touches, are the reflection of a decorative opulence that accompany the hair in wraparound coats, square jackets, and innovative techniques in previously unexplored personalised vegetable dyes.

The volumes are an excess that gives great energy to the collection in bright colours.

In a constantly changing climate, we are now tackling an already lived era of fun, ethics and durability, fulfilling our desire to see how the designs of the firm have lasted since the 70’s.

We open our archives.

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