Roberto Diz

The robertodiz collection for Autumn/Winter 2020 represents a tribute to women’s empowerment and the place new women hold in today’s society, being stronger for the first time than the male sex.

robertodiz presents an idea of feminine power that does not exclude sensuality but uses it as a weapon. A collection divided into several parts but in which “red carpet effect” long dresses undoubtedly abound, endowed with a new femininity covered in fox skins in self-adaptable garments.

Neoprenes, nylon, velvet, wool and the shine of metal, become armour for the new woman who does not need the help of man. Bottle green, burgundy, an intense range of blues and the eternal black, the designer’s favourite colour, are mixed with metallic sparkles and an acid touch as a glimpse of the future.

Susana Piñeiro
(+34) 955 131 058

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